Lists and Helpful Materials

I you would like this or any of these lists in .xls format, I am happy to send it along. Please email me at

Trip List Sabah, Malaysian Borneo:   23 July to 1 October, 2012

For pdf format, please click on the following link.

Master Bird List, Borneo

Master Bird List, Malaysian Borneo obtained from Bird Quest. Note that this is a check list of all the birds likely to be seen on a BirdQuest trip, not a complete list of all the birds possible in Sabah.  Also, there are notations on the species that I was unable to delete.  Because my route was not the same as the organized tour, I added about ten species, mostly from the islands.

Master Bird List

Phillipps and Phillipps, 2011.  Quick Index

Fits the inside cover of Phillipps Q. and K. Phillipps. 2011. Birds of Borneo, second ed. John Beaufoy Pub. Oxford, UK.

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